Hang up on auto warranty robocalls (2024)

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May 19, 2021

Yes, the calls are non-stop and I also receive snail mail from a Vehicle Service Department-regarding my vehicle warranty


May 19, 2021

I have been getting a lot of these lately. I hung up and blocked the number. I think I reported it at least once. From someplace called Auto Warranty Services. But there is a big disconnect: I do not own a vehicle to warrant because I do not drive. Have never driven a vehicle and probably never will with my medical issues.


August 13, 2021

In reply to I have been getting a lot of by crstlgls

Thank goodness these are phone calls we can let go to our voice mail, and not real people pounding on our doors or ringing the bell! Snail mail can be shredded or used to line a pets box.

Hot Dog Dave

September 08, 2021

In reply to Thank goodness these are by Gran

I am looking for a physical location for auto warranty services,can anyone help me?


December 14, 2021

In reply to I am looking for a physical by Hot Dog Dave

Me too!! I would love to find a physical address for these people who bother me atleast once a day!


May 19, 2021

My car is out of factory warranty over a year already and I still have calls from them try to sell extended warranty. I just ignored these calls and once for a while they left a message in my voicemail. One time I pressed a number(forgot which one) to remove my phone from their list, but the call keep coming.


May 19, 2021

I got 2 letters and a phone call. They never give up. They need to be stopped now.


August 30, 2021

In reply to I got 2 letters and a phone by Marie

I get these calls EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.


May 19, 2021

I have been receiving these calls no matter what I do. I do not answer them. I have reported to FTC and my phone tells me of potential scam calls. I still receive them and I am not the only one. They are unstoppable


November 16, 2021

In reply to I've blocked several of their by Tyleroakland

That’s the best solution. If you think about the number of possible cell phone numbers, literally 9x9x9x9x9x9x9x9x9x9x9 - and for exact additional digit, add a multiple of nine - that’s an almost infinite quantity of cell numbers at their disposal. You almost have a better chance at winning the lottery.

NRH Curious

May 20, 2021

Why do I get those "illegal calls"? My numbers are on the do not call registry!


May 22, 2021

In reply to Why do I get those "illegal by NRH Curious

They call whatever numbers they feel like calling. It doesn’t matter that they’re on a do not call list.


May 22, 2021

It was Vanessa this time. Susie stopped calling a while ago.Can we sue these people? Are they even in the US?


July 19, 2021

In reply to It was Vanessa this time. by iDontWantACarW…

I tried sending a settlement notice to an address i found and it came back undeliverable


July 19, 2021

In reply to It was Vanessa this time. by iDontWantACarW…

today, it was "Alice"


August 23, 2021

In reply to today, it was "Alice" by ganderwiz

I always get Rachel, and she is relentless. Cheery, but relentless . . . . .


May 22, 2021

I have been receiving calls from “Auto Warranty Services” constantly for at least a year on ALL of my phone numbers. I am up to number 5, yet I still get calls via spoofed numbers and they DO NOT STOP.This has to be illegal and something needs to happen to these pieces of festering s*it.


August 30, 2021

In reply to I have been receiving calls by Notisingmyemai…

at least 30 contacts called ignore. I have a freaking nokia and do not have a contact blocking system.


May 23, 2021

When you get a call, and you hang up or block it, they will justcall from another number! We get alot of calls from one city near us, we don't answer but block. 2 minutes later, another call from the same number, only last number or two are different. Happenseveryday! They just don't get the message, that it won't be answered! The robo call doesn't know if it's being block, butwill keep calling! I'm tired of listing the calls on the do not call, because it does not help! Something has to be done!


July 05, 2021

I had a stroke. Can't walk let alone drive. Multiple calls a day. Reporting does nothing. Blocking does nothing. The only thing that works is turning the phone off.


July 07, 2021

How do you stop group texts from an email? I get these 2 or 3 per week, usually offensive in nature


July 09, 2021

If these phone calls are illegal why is the government or the FCC not investigating and bringing charges against them?


August 31, 2021

In reply to If these phone calls are by DickWin

same reason you cannot locate them. There is no way to trace the call after it is disconnected. The scammers are spoofing the phone number and are then gathering to many different locations to make it look like they could be anywhere. the horror of this is Big brother would have to break a bunch of privacy laws to track them down.


July 15, 2021

Are these troublesome car warranty robocalls related, in any way, with the ubiquitous Car Shield ads on cable television?


July 22, 2021

They call from spoofed numbers but signing up with them involves a transfer of money, which ought to be easy to trace. Why can't the FTC track these goofs down and haul them into court? Are they calling from India or something? Do they want payment in bitcoin?

Don't use your…

July 26, 2021

I seriously doubt they'd warrant my vehicle as it has over 412,000 miles on it.


July 30, 2021

Me and my mom get those calls non stop


August 02, 2021

I just received a fake warranty call from 774-920-2043 . Their fake number displayed changes. They have called my house and cell and I just hang up. Sadly, this is now Aug.2021 and the are not stopped. You can only block them from whichever number they call from. Remember; that scammers can display any ID they want, as anyone can pick what name displays on your phone’s caller ID when they call you.Don’t push any buttons on your phone just hang up and block their number if you can.


August 19, 2021

Just got a new spin on it.They are now calling themselves the Transportation Warranty Authority


August 20, 2021

I got a call like this once. It was funny because I don't know how to drive yet


August 24, 2021

I get this one several times a week. They always call from a different fake number. In my area they use the same prefix as the school district where my son attends. They also sometimes spoof other local numbers that belong to the police department, etc.The call is always the same, only the recorded voice changes from time to time. All three of my vehicles are less than two years old, and still in the factory warranty. Sometimes I get a similar call offering to re-finance my house or car, and it is a real person. Well, if they can beat 2.25% on my home mortgage, I welcome them to try. Furthermore I do not take loans to by cars. I pay cash.


August 31, 2021

I receive these calls on my cellphone all day long, every weekday. I've gotten SIX of them just in the last ONE hour. I have "call silencing" on my iphone / t-mobile, but they leave recorded voicemails, which are super annoying because I have to play them to figure out they're scammers. They use a different number every time, so there is no way to block them. Please make them STOP!


September 03, 2021

They use different telephone numbers from Florida and send them to my telephone numbers in another state. It is nonstop. I do answer or even lift the telephone letting it go to recording.


September 09, 2021

It’ not always easy to tell if it’s a scam or not. They sound pretty on-the-level when they ask for detailed information about your car and then for your contact information — name and address. If they’re willing to send you the policy information in the mail, then it may be a legitimate offer. But if they tell you they need to have a down payment by credit card, that’s a pretty good clue they’re operating a scam.


September 16, 2021

I receive these calls daily, from slightly varied phone numbers. Why is it so difficult to set up a sting operation and prosecute these people?

So sick of sch…

September 16, 2021

This is the call I get every single day, several times a day! I have 13 of them hanging out in my call history just since Monday 9/12. Not one of the phone numbers are the same, NOT ONE, but the recording is the same voice, same b/s! They keep saying they will close my file if I don't respond asap. I freaking wish they would!! I don't even own a car. Haven't owned one for 8 years and it was 20 years old when I sold it and the warranty on it was long gone since 1998! How are they even able to scam people with this thing? They think everybody owns a car? Do they really? They've stepped up their efforts. None of the call blocker apps or phone carrier block features stop them. They just come up as "Scam Likely" with a different number every time. I uninstalled the call blocker apps some they don't work, total waste of storage space. And my phone carrier block aren't any better. I can't even trust the "Spam Likely" because my 86 year old dad comes up as spam likely and he's firmly placed in my contacts! Don't want to miss a call from my dad so I've gotta answer. That's a weird one though, my daddy coming up as spam likely.

Not Susie's friend

September 17, 2021

Susie is back, everyone. She has been calling for a couple of weeks now, often at 7 in the morning, and then at 6pm. I hang up on her but she never gives up. UGH!


September 17, 2021

I have been receiving calls from "US Courts". When I answer, it is someone trying to sell me a car warranty. The phone number it comes from is 973-424-6807. They need to be stopped! They should not be permitted to say they are the US COURTS>


September 17, 2021

Why can't their services and servers be shutdown? This is insanely annoying.


September 17, 2021

How do we find out who these people harassing me are? I get multiple calls a day when I am trying to sleep. Not everyone works 9 to 5 and these calls are criminal. If they were calling everyone else at 3 in the morning, the FTC would do everything in their power to make them stop.


September 20, 2021

I keep receiving those calls. What I did was I kept changing the last digit of their phone number and found 20+ of the numbers where I changed the last digit only ... the numbers are ALL for that auto warranty company. So I doesn’t do any good to just block one number, because they’ve probably got hundreds of numbers to call you with! I wish that there was a large fine for every time they make an illegal call out to someone! You can’t call them back either. All the numbers I called only have the option to opt out of their call list. It also doesn’t matter if you press #1 to opt out ... they’ll still call you. How are these people going to get shut down?


September 21, 2021

9/21/21 No mail from them, but today I did receive my first call (to voicemail) from 406-957-6283 “Vehicle Service Department." Funny, because my 2 vehicles are 1989 and 1993 models!! Nice try, Ms. Robo Call.


September 22, 2021

I keep getting these calls for the last couple months. They come from local area codes. These robo callers are getting smart but it needs to stop. Disrupting my daily business is not cool.

Tired of this bs.

October 12, 2021

I keep getting these calls from auto warranty Serv. I don't talk. I hang up. They call back. I block the number. They call back different number. I change my number. They call me after 1 week. I block that number. Then I get calls from my friend. I can't answer in time, so I call him back. He says he didn't call. He calls again, again I can't answer. I call him back, again he says he didn't call. Then I keep my phone on me. He called, I answered, but it was not him. It was Auto Warranty Serv. Using his number. They used his number so the address book said it was him but wasn't.


October 22, 2021

I get these calls every single day at the same time. I block numbers, report them, am on the do not call list. Nothing stops them.


November 08, 2021

received a call from: +61-483-834-272they are pretending to offer me a car warranty I don't need. Can the FTC please stop these crooks

Hang up on auto warranty robocalls (2024)


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