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Derek Duncan


A thrifty but artistically ambitious renovation reopened in 2020. The 92-year-old working-class golf course has always been popular, but flooding, wet turf and excessive tree growth negatively impacted playability. Between an allocation of funds from the city (which continues to oversee operations) and private donations collected through an organization called “Friends of the Muni,” approximately $3.5 million was raised, enough to enact significant upgrades without raising green fees. Residents can walk for around $20, and out-of-town players—if they can get a time, can play for under $100.

In addition to new grass and drainage, architect Troy Miller rebuilt the green complexes and bunkering according to the template holes developed by C.B. Macdonald and Seth Raynor in the early 20th century.

Raynor had spent time in Charleston in the 1920s building Yeamans Hall and the Country Club of Charleston, so his angular, identifiable features and shot strategies have a history in the area, even if Charleston’s public players haven’t had the opportunity to experience them. Now they can.

Miller’s renditions of the Raynor concepts—including gorgeous Redan and Punchbowl greens, among others—are loyal and adventurous. For Miller, it was especially gratifying to bring this new identity to Charleston Municipal because he grew up playing the course and lives in the neighborhood across the street. A youth tournament was being played the day I visited early in the year—Miller’s young son was playing in it—and 8- to 10-year-olds carrying their small bags filled up the course. It’s unlikely many knew who Seth Raynor was, but they were all getting accustomed to solving the problems of his particular architecture. The golf course looked like a park, or better yet, a playground. —Derek Duncan


Holes 18

Facility Type Public

Year Opened 1929

Designer J.M. Whitsett/(R) Troy Miller


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“ The green complexes are very distinctive and allow for different shots required coming into them. The course is short, and the front 9 does not offer much differing on the holes, especially the par 4s. The back 9 is where is the course comes to life. With holes 11-15 being out on the marsh, the course provides a scenic backdrop while also giving players a fun and fair challenge. I have talked to many people about the muni, and they all say the same thing. It is very fun and provides a unique challenge unlike most other municipals. The greens are very undulating, but the pins are fair and reward quality shots. The greens are in very good condition and the areas on the course that collect water are away from tees and greens, allowing the course to be played even when there has been a lot of rainfall."

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“Recently redesigned municipal course that replicates many of Seth Raynor's design features. Green complexes are definitely the protector of par on this course that was originally designed back in 1929."

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“Troy Miller and his staff were put to the test to try and restore this 1929 design. His choice to draw from Raynor's inspiration was well thought-out on this low country Muni. They were seen throughout the course, but especially from holes 11-15. Overall it was a challenging short course that required you to shape the ball off the tee, while also having a wide variety of shots around the greens."

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“The redo is terrific with wonderful greens and complex shaping. The rerouting of the holes near the marsh are excellent. Not in good shape but never has been. Very distinctive!"

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“Post renovation it's a lot better, the greens are so challenging that you're better off not aiming at the flag stick. The prevailing wind really comes into play starting on the 11th hole where it opens up to the Stono river. It's a fun day, however it usually is well above the 4-1/2 hour round."

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“Solid muni with some very good holes."

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Charleston Municipal Golf Course (2024)


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