100 Doors Challenge Walkthrough (Levels 1-50) (2024)

100 Doors Challenge is a new and addictive puzzle game from Protey Apps. The only goal is to escape from a sequence of doors by solving increasingly tricky puzzles.


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This guide will walk you through each level.

Table of Contents

    Level 1

    Press the button to start.

    Level 2

    There is a rug on the floor. Tap it to reveal a key. Collect it, then use it in your inventory by tapping it. Now tap the door lock to open it.

    Level 3

    Use the clock to time travel. You’ll find a crowbar near the top right corner. Use it on each door to open it.

    Level 4

    Open the box by tapping on it. Then, hold down the lever until it counts down to 1.

    Level 5

    We have to clean the locked door on the ocean floor with the help of a bottle and a sponge. First, clean the top of the door. Then collect the sponge from the seafloor. Combine the bottle and sponge in your inventory. Finally, tap the top of the screen to ascend to the door and unlock it.

    Level 6

    Shake your phone to reveal a key. The key opens the door.

    Level 7

    Collect the matches to the left of the door. Tilt your device left to roll the canon towards the door. Load it with cannonballs. Use the balls to fire at the door.

    Level 8

    Use the sledgehammer to break the barrel. Then collect the handle that falls out. Use the handle on the slot in the wall. Tap the top of the screen to go back up through the trap door and open the door.

    Level 9

    To the right, you’ll find a broken cable. Above it is an electrical box. To the left of the electrical box is a pair of pliers. Use the pliers to cut the cable. Now, use the GO arrow to return to the doors. The left GO arrow will open them for you.

    Level 10

    In order to dim your lights and turn them off, tap on the clock to turn off all lights in the living room. Then, tap the light switch on the right side of the door to turn off all lights. Use this code: 1567.

    Level 11

    Move the woodblock in front of the door and then tap the door to open it.

    Level 12

    You have to turn off gravity and move the box. Tap and slide the box to the left. Then tap the level for gravity to come back. Repeat to move it over the right circle. To get the door open, tap both circles.

    Level 13

    Collect the broom and bucket from the left side of the room. Combine them in your inventory. Then collect a gas mask from the right side of the room next to the cylinder. Use the broom and bucket in your inventory to clean up the spilled liquid. The door will open so you can escape.

    Level 14

    Use the broom on the pot to break it. Repeat until it breaks. Use the broom on the broken pieces to clear them. Collect the key from the floor. Use the key on the door to open it.

    Level 15

    Count the lines to find out the values of C and D. Use the keypad to enter the code: 2 6 13 16.

    Level 16

    To get the knife, tap the fork on the far left. Cut a piece of cheese with the knife. Use the cheese on the parrot to get the keys. Use the keys to open the door.

    Level 17

    There’s a flask on the desk in front of you. It’s empty. Move the desk to the left to uncover the flask. Collect it. Move the table back and place it on the table. Tap the flask again to reveal a puzzle. Move the puzzle pieces into place until you complete it. When you do, the flask will be filled with liquid.

    How do you get the flask in the lab? You have to place the S in the central position, with 4 joining it. Put the 4 x O atoms on the side and the 2 H atoms on the ends. Throw the flask to open the door.

    Level 18

    Go ahead and collect the roll of tape. Then move back to the left. Select the cable from inventory and place it on the floor. Now use the tape on the joins to complete the cable. Finally, tap the call button on the left to open the door.

    Level 19

    Shake your device to get the gun parts. Collect them. Use the inventory to find the gun part and put it on the gun. Shoot the targets. Collect the card. Use it on the slot to open the door.

    Level 20

    Collect two logs from the floor and the box of matches from above the stove to the left. Open the stove door. Use the logs to add to the fire. Use the matches to light it. The ice will melt and the door will open.

    Level 21

    You have to set the arrows of the 4 squares to match the correct time. The numbers on each arrow represent what hour it is. 17=5 o-clock, 15=3 o-clock, 12=12 o-clock, 8=8 o-clock Once you set them to the right time the door will open.

    Level 22

    Get the explosives and detonator by using the blowtorch, sledge hammer, and box. Heat up the box with the blowtorch, but don’t move it too much. Remove the side panel with the sledge hammer. Then use the blowtorch to heat up the explosives, and finally collect them with the box. Slide the box over to reveal a detonator. Use the cable from your inventory and the detonator to place them on the door. Then use the explosives to blow it up.

    Level 23

    There are 4 parrots that make a noise when you touch them. Touch the glowing skull above the door to make the parrots screech in a sequence. Repeat the sequence correctly to open the door. Sequence: 4 3 2 1 3 pause 2 4 2 1 3

    Level 24

    There are levers on these pillars. Move them up and down, then stop them in the right place. When you do, the door will open.

    Level 25

    Open the drawer of your desk and get a piece of paper and a CD. Use the paper on the printer to load it. Then type the number on the computer. You will see PASSWORD. Type that into the keypad by the door, and you’ll be able to open it.

    Level 26

    You’re in a pickle. You need to collect two items from the floor: a magnifying glass and some dynamite. You can place the dynamite on the door to open it. Use the magnifying glass to help you light the fuse on the dynamite. The door will then open and you can move ahead.

    Level 27

    To open the door, tap the antenna on top of the TV and drag it around the room. As you move it, numbers will appear on the screen. Find all four of them, in order, and remember them. Code: 4325 Use the code on the keypad to open the door.

    Level 28

    Tap on the glass case until it breaks. Take the axe. Use the axe on the wooden ceiling to open the panel. Shake your device until a gun falls, and then tap it to shoot the door open.

    Level 29

    Collect the rope on the floor. Move the barrel to the left and use it to collect a magnet. Combine the magnet and rope in your inventory, then use this device on the grate on the floor to get a key. Use the key to open the door.

    Level 30

    There is a drum stick on the floor. Tap the gold gong 3 times, then move clockwise around the gongs and tap them 4, 3, and 5 times respectively. The door will open.

    Level 31

    Tap the green medical box on the wall. Collect a jar of pills. Tap the seat for some coins. Use the coins on the coffee machine to get a cup of coffee. Combine the coffee and pills.

    Go back over to the left and give the guard coffee or pills. When he falls asleep, collect the key card from his pocket and use it on the card swipe to the left. The doors will open.

    Level 32

    Uh-oh. You need to solve a puzzle. The painting on the left side of the door is jumbled up. Drag the pieces around to put them in the correct spots. Once you do, the door will open.

    Level 33

    There are matches on the table. Also cardboard boxes and a garbage can. Put the garbage can on the desk, then place the cardboard boxes on top of it, and finally place the matches to light it. When you do this, the smoke detector will go off, and the doors will open.

    Level 34

    Collect and place four heavy objects from the floor into a chest. The chest will fall through a trap door. Tap the trap door to descend, then tap a lever on the far wall. Go back up and the door will open.

    Level 35

    There’s a button on the wall. The button has a sequence of colours on it. You need to tap the coloured buttons on the floor in the same order. The order is: B, G, B, Y, G, B, Y

    Level 36

    On the right, there’s a fishing net. Collect it. The orange bucket is also there. Slide the circular cover to the right to open a hole in the floor. Use the net on the hole to catch a fish. Use the bucket of water on the floor to make a puddle. Use the fish in the puddle. You’ll get some keys from the robot. Use these keys to open the doors.

    Level 37

    Use the wire cutters to get through the fence.

    Level 38

    Approach the puzzle on the left wall. This is a matching puzzle. You must find pairs of matching images. Once you find all the matches, the doors will open.

    100 Doors Challenge Walkthrough (Levels 1-50) (1)

    Level 39

    When you pull, the doors open, there is a small chain in the opening. Pull it down and the elevator will come down.

    Level 40

    Using the stick, light the torch on top of the fireplace. Then use the fire to light the fireplace. Pick up the large spoon and use it to scoop powder from a bag and put it in the pot. Tap the pot to release a key. Use the key on the doors to open them.

    Level 41

    To open the door, turn the ship’s wheel clockwise by the amounts listed on the scroll, pausing between each.

    Level 42

    This is a puzzle that requires you to use mathematical equations. The solution is a Fibonacci sequence. The first two numbers are 0 and 1. Add them together and you get 1. Then add the two numbers after that, 1 and 2, and you get 3. And so on. The code to open the door is 513.

    Level 43

    The boy on the right and the arrow on the left are collectibles. Collect them both. Use the arrow to shoot the left chain. Collect another arrow and combine it with your bow. Shoot the other chain to open the door.

    Level 44

    On the floor, you see a large wrench. Use it on the top metal bar with the large nuts to remove it. There is a smaller wrench nearby. You use it to remove the lower metal bar from the door. Slide the cover over to the right and tap on it to go down. There is a plant here that you can push to the left to reveal another small wrench that you can collect. Take this wrench and go back up to the door.

    Level 45

    In this door game, if you want to get to the next level, you have to tap the buttons in a specific order. If you get stuck here it’s best to start over and reload level 45 to restart from the beginning. The correct sequence is 2, 3, 5, 7, 8.

    Level 46

    Go to the floor and grab the axe head. Go to the right window, break it with your axe, then grab the handle. Put these together in your inventory. Now you have an axe. Use this axe on the two wooden boards that are blocking your way out of the room. The boards will break, and you can escape through the door.

    Level 47

    Tap and drag the object up toward the panel on the right. You must avoid the beams that sweep the room.

    Level 48

    Move to the right. As you move, collect the screwdriver. Return to the left and use the screwdriver on the door panel. Open it. Use the crowbar on the ceiling fan to get a crowbar. Use the crowbar to open the doors.

    Level 49

    Press on the green button and tap the button it is pointing to (the top left one). Now press on that button and tap the bottom right one. Repeat this until the key button opens the door.

    Level 50

    Tap the puzzle on the left to reveal it. Tap any square to begin, then pick a direction and fill in the green squares using that point as a starting point. You must fill in all of the black squares to complete the puzzle. Solution: Start by tapping the middle square on the second row (between the two single red lights). Choose down, left, up, right, down, left, down, left, up.

    100 Doors Challenge Walkthrough (Levels 1-50) (2024)


    What is the answer to the 100 door problem? ›

    For 100 doors, the open doors are 1, 4, 9, 16, 25, 36, 49, 64, 81, and 100. We could predict that there would be 10 doors open because √100 = 10 . So, for 10,000 doors, how many doors will be open? Well, √10,000 = 100 .

    Where is the key in Room 100 doors? ›

    In The Electrical Room, players are able to climb a set of stairs leading to the top floor of the room. The Electrical Room Key will spawn on a random shelf on this floor, and players will be able to add it to their inventory.

    Is there a key for door 100 in doors? ›

    Map of Door 100. Link to the interactive map version in the Overview section. The staircase lies behind wide metal gates, which can only be opened with a lever. The door to the breaker room, locked with a special key exclusive to The Electrical Room, resides in the same room as said gates.

    Is there a correct answer to the Monty Hall problem? ›

    The correct answer is that you do want to switch. If you do not switch, you have the expected 1/3 chance of winning the car, since no matter whether you initially picked the correct door, Monty will show you a door with a goat.

    How do you answer the door riddle? ›

    How to Solve the Labyrinth Two-Door Riddle. To solve the puzzle, you must ask one guard (it doesn't matter which one) which door the other guard would say leads out. Both guards will indicate the same door, which will be the door that doesn't lead out.

    What is the answer to the door puzzle in the Great Hall? ›

    Fast travel to The Great Hall Floo Flame then run to the left and around the pillar to see a puzzle door at the end of a corridor. The solution is: left dial: spider, right dial: three-headed snake.


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